Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A little garden in my heart.

Item: B008
Price: RM7

Okayy, here come another card from the 2nd batch order~ this was requested by Shai :)
this lovely girl loves to give her bf a card every time they went for a date!
lol. so sweet and romantic isn't she? >.<
anyway, she wants the card to be colourful and full with little flowers.
so I decided to add a butterfly on top of the flowers~
this is actually the second quiled butterfly I've ever made.
humfftt~ >.<
I still need to learn a lot about this quiling techniques!
oh ya, if you notice this. the quiling is actually inside the card not at the cover. keke
this is her special request too. lol I've never think about that but it's refreshing.
just like the concept : Don't judge a book by it's cover!
the outside might look a bit dull but you should try to see what they have inside.
they might have something more than you can imagine.
Shai dear~ Thanks for the order ya! ^_^v

for his lovely mother :)

Item: B007

hello~ :) finally, I'm able to finish off this special order from my class rep, Varan :)
he requested a frame for his mother's birthday.
and he gave full authority for me to design the frame. yeappy~! ^_^
it's my first attempt though~ my sister, Adah was the one who teach me to make a handmade frame.
as you can see 90% of the design was made of from quiling. keke
I personally love both version of the quiled hearts. 
i just love this symbol ~ ♥
I'm glad that he likes it~ thanks for the order Varan :)
by the way.
Varan, cheer up okay! honestly, I'm glad that I meet you and personally know you.
you are the best class rep. I've ever met!
it's the truth.
sincerely V, we love you ♥ 

#If you are interested in ordering this item, please personally e-mail me or just drop by at my facebook and leave a message. I'll tell you about the price ;)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The 1st Batch Order - COMPLETED.

yeap, finally I'm able to finish off all the order for the first batch which includes the one for Nana and Anis :)
I'll start doing the 2nd batch order this weekend.
and we'll be open for order back next monday~
so, anyone interested with our cards.
do place your order! ;)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Our Growing Love

item: B006-A
price: RM12

Okayy, so this is the card requested by my friend Nana :) She wants a love theme card for her anniversary with her fiancee. she doesn't want an anniversary card though, instead she wants it's more like a love theme card that suit any occasion so I come out with this. They were childhood friend before they become a lover then fiancee and she requested an 'orang lidi' below the tree but i'm suck at making 'orang lidi' you can see the proof there >.<  before I come out with this version, the original one don't have that 'orang lidi' it's just the tree. I have lots of arguments with my friends to decide what should I put below that tree. ugh.

item: B006-B
price: RM10

 so the original version looks like this! so what do you think? which one do you like better? huhu. some might want the card to be as simple as this ;) while others would like it to be like the first one above. so, you decide which one do you like the best! ;)

The fact that our love are growing beautifully without us knowing it 
make me smiles till my lips turn numb.

The Messy Wedding Wish Card

Okayy, so here are my first card design for wedding wish.
It's a mess! >.<
I get this request from my fellow classmates 4 days before the wedding.
yes, you might say "You could have done something way better than this in that 4days"
=.= well, the truth is I can't.
It's not impossible but the fact that within those 4 days
I was already compiled with 2 test, assignments, and micro teaching
it didn't even give me any chances to start doing anything.
so yeah, I spent the whole Friday's night trying to crack my brain with ideas
and forcing my fingers to quill those heart with my sleepy head~
I get to sleep for 2hours though, which is by sitting on the bed not lying. because I fall asleep with the papers in my hand.
ugh. what to do. work is still a work. although I'm a bit disappointed with the outcome. huhu.
sorry classmates for the messy card I gave you.
keke. but it's free of charge anyway. haha :)

Congratulation to my classmate, Hasyira Nadia for her wedding.
may you be happy with your other half ;)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Reminder for Our Lovely customers.

Hyee! Thanks a lot for visiting our blog and requesting from us.

We are highly motivated and thankful for those orders because although we are

still new, you believe in us and place your orders here. So we are really grateful with

that but we still want to remind you to read our rules and guidelines before you

place any order. It's important because we don't want to create any delay or

problem during the process. So, we do appreciate it a lot if

you take some time to read the rules and guideline. 

Please do understand that we need at least 2 weeks notice for any order that you make. You have to give us at least 2 weeks to finish off your order and mail it to you. For the time being we can't accept last minute order anymore. Honestly, we are already compiled with assignments, presentation, class and not to forget, the final exam in just a few weeks. Even if it just one card, we still need time as we have other works and order too. So, we do appreciate it if you give us early notice. thank you :)

Monday, 3 October 2011

little flower.

Item: B005
Price: RM6

sunshine! you are my morning glory.
so put a smile.
cuz you are are the prettiest when you smile :)


Item: B004
Price: RM7

Nothing is as SWEET as you.
trust me.
you are too sweet like candy!

my other half

Item: B003
Price: RM9

for years I've been searching...
for what I've been missing....
that's when I meet you...
then I know it from your eyes.
you are my other half :)

love chain.

Item: B002
Price: RM7

Love comes with different shapes. different ways. different feels.
but no matter how many times it change.
my love for you.
will never will.

the boxes of loves

Item: B001
Price: RM5

Love is a MAGICAL things
and YOU are my MAGIC!

status checklist!


1st Batch Order.

1. Nana Saidin - Total 1 card.
status: COMPLETED!

2. Heat Yahaya - Total 5 cards.
status: COMPLETED!

3. Farahaniz Safizaini - Total 1 card.
status: COMPLETED!

2nd Batch Order.

1. Varankumar - Total 1 card
status: COMPLETED!

2. Shaidatul Nabila - Total 1 card
status: COMPLETED!

3. Faezah Noradi - Total 12 card
status: COMPLETED!

4. Siti Khadijah - Total 1 card
status: COMPLETED!

5. Bulat Anak Mak - Total 1 card
status: COMPLETED!

6. Abxel - Total 3 card
status:  COMPLETED! 

7. Fatin Nur Afiqah Zulkifli - Total 1 card
status:  COMPLETED!  

3rd Batch Order.

1. MUHAMAD ZAIDE ALI BIN ZULKUPLY - Total 1 card and 1 frame
status: COMPLETED!  

2. Iman Sulaiman - Total 1 card
status: COMPLETED!