Saturday, 10 September 2011

H E L L O ! :)

Hii~! we are gladly announcing that our first blogshop ever ;) will be officially open now! after shedding tears and sweat we are finally opening our own blogshop. I'm so happy with the thought of that, thanks to my lovely sister's suggestion. I manage to come out with this blog.

So dearies, we are going to sell handmade cards and some artwork stuff made by me and my sister, Adah :) Both of us begin our obsession towards paper and handmade art on our secondary school years. Since it's hard to get enough money to buy a worth it card or gift, we learn to make it by ourselves. haha. It was funny back then when I remember how messy our first card for our parents, it's for their anniversary.

From time to time, eventually... We improved ourselves a lot. Well, my artwork are nothing compared to other professional card makers out there. They're just so good playing with papers and stuff. I still have a lot to learn. huhu.

Compared to me, my sister are more fond on making other stuff instead of cards. She can simply come out with her own designated pencil box when I forgot to bring back the one that I bought for her. haha. She even make it out from my father left out jeans? keke. but I guess out of all the thing that she has created, I like her designated key chain  box. it's just so cute and creative! she already got ton of request from my fellow classmates :)  She will put it up here for order soon after she improve that key chain's design. Somehow, she still find it having hundred of flaw.

okayy, so much for the first post! haha. Hope you will enjoy your visit to our blog! and please do check on our works, in case you are interested with it :)

love & kiss,
sister Yat ;)