Sunday, 3 April 2011

Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines :) 

1. Please, kindly give us 2 weeks’ notice before your desired date. We will finish off your order and mail it to you between those 2 weeks. Once your order is confirmed, the 2 weeks period will start. You will receive the order between the 2 weeks or after the 2 weeks.
  •  If the number of the item that you order are above 5, please give us at least 3 weeks or more to finish it off.

2. Please fill in the order form and wait for our reply through your email to confirm your purchase before you make any payment.

3. You can make your payment through Maybank, we will give you our Maybank account once we confirm your purchase.

4. Note that we will only send your purchase after you complete the payment. So, please make your payment after your order is confirmed and please send us the copy of the payment receipt to confirm it. thank you :)
5.Note that extra charge will be given based on your posting choice. state your posting choice in the last box of the order form. TQ :) --> (Due to some technical problem caused by Post Express to one of the order delivery, I will stop using their services starting from 4/11/11)

  • Pos Biasa: RM1
  • Pos Laju: RM6
  • SkyNet: RM6++

• When you are filling up the form, noted that you can always add extra details that you want to be put in your desired card. Just put those details in the last box of that form.

• We also receives personalize card from you, just send an email to us ( with a complete details or theme of your desired card. We will inform you beforehand if we are able to fill your request or not. For this kind of order, you need to notify us 3 weeks before you due date. Thank you 


Syarat – syarat

1. Sila beri notis 2 minggu awal sebelum tarikh akhir. Kami akan siapkan tempahan dan pos dalam tempoh 2 minggu yang ditetapkan itu, kami juga menerima tempahan saat akhir jika ia sesuai dengan kelapangan kami.

2. Sila isi borang yang disediakan dan tunggu pengesahan dari kami sebelum membuat bayaran.

3. Bayaran boleh dibuat melalui Maybank, kami akan email nombor akaun kami kepada anda selepas kami mengesahkan tempahan anda.

4. Tempahan hanya akan dihantar selepas bayaran dibuat. Jadi, sila pastikan anda membuat bayaran selepas mendapat pengesahan dari kami dan sila emailkan salinan resit pembayaran yang telah dibuat kepada kami.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The younger sister :)

Nursyuhaidah Ramlan

92's liner

Major in Accountancy

Currently taking my first semester of degree at UiTM