Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Balloon of Love!

Item: B010
Price: RM6
colors available:

Hey! what do you think about this cute little cow? hihi. it actually came from a gift wrapper that I bought from one of the store that I went with my friends. The cow's cuteness really grab my attention, I can't keep my eyes away from it as if it was begging me to buy it. lol. XD 

Made this one for a cute sister aka a lecturer at my campus :) I promised to make her a card when she was admitted to the hospital but I keep on forgetting about it. haha. Miss Farhana is such a cutie and a sweety as well. Glad that she actually like this card though it is one of my simplest design. ngee. next time, I'm gonna haunt every gift wrapper they sold at every store I went. haha. :)

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